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Hey! This is Rob.

Thanks so much for stopping by my site.  I can't wait to tell you all about it, but first, I'm sure your curious about me.  Well, let me start by telling you that I'm an Entrepreneur and a business coach.  Oh hang on.  Wait Wait Wait, you want to know about the 'real' me.  I got it.  So I'm a Detroit, Michigan boy who's in his late 40's.  I'm married to my beautiful wife Karyn.  We have 3 boys (2 were mine from a previous and Karyn has one from previous) I don't usually distinguish between my boys.  I love all three the same.  My crazy dog, who you will see on this site occasionally, is Maxi.  He's an Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Healer.  You might also hear about my three loving cats.

Say 'Hi' Max.  So let's get back to what I've accomplished.  Well, I've been doing online products for over 20 years.  You might not have heard of me because, in the day, developers tended to take a back seat to company branding.  Now it's important for not only the business you create to come to the front but also you as the entrepreneur.  You have story to tell even more then the business.

I've also done some cool things like open a retail store (oh geez, I'll tell you all about that one day on my blog).  The store was a resource for Educational supplies and more.

Designed a robot kit that was curriculum aligned for the Boy Scouts of America Robotics Badge - and then we donated the first 20 kits to a local Boy Scout troop.

Have been involved with the Maker Faire at Henry Ford Museum and have even won an Editor's Choice for a new product I developed one year.

So to kind of wrap this up, I have coached and assisted both individuals and businesses with starting, scaling and growth.  I have also spoken and taught on entrepreneurial topics including online sales and business building.  If you haven't started a business yet to give yourself the financial freedom you deserve, now's your best time.  If you've started but just aren't gaining traction then I have several solutions for you.  If you already have a business and want to scale it, you've come to the right place.  Please check out my Blog, Product Reviews and Product Offerings.  I also offer group and private coaching.